Secretary MESSAGE

If a single man plants himself indomitably on his instincts and there abide, the whole world will come around him

“Seek, Discover, Innovate”

Following this motto, Sheerwood College has been conscientiously working towards the holistic development of its learners since its inception. Imparting education against a back-drop of ethical values with a blend of modern outlook on a firm foundation of discipline and self-control is the primary duty of this edifice of learning with this in mind we have provided state of the art infrastructure to our learners to help them in their quest for self-discovery and improvement. Over the years our blend of experienced teachers and efficient management personnel has realized that the system of term-end examination fosters rote-learning amongst students. Thus, keeping up with the comprehensive continuous evaluation introduced by the CBSE, we regularly slate tests where we analyze and examine the various skills of the learners in the field of oration, multimedia presentation, scientific experimentation and group based project activities. By extension, dramatics, music, dance and sports too have been made part of the exam process. This multifarious, multi-pronged methodology has shown amazing result in metamorphosing Sheerwoodians into dynamic, versatile beings with confident and vibrant personalities. Being a productive part of a group but maintaining their exclusive individuality is the goal of our educationists, for our learners. With the harmonious co-ordination of the parents we are certain that Sheerwood College has many more milestones to achieve which would be beneficial for our children and community.

Parvez Mukhtar